Jim Wright heading to the November 2019 meeting

Copies of short documents by Jim Wright.

1. Bee Stings
The toxic effects and allergy associated with bee stings. bee stings

2. Finding The Queen
Finding the elusive queen. finding the queen

3. Collecting Swarms

Always a challenge. collecting swarms

4. About Bees
A series of articles written by Jim and appearing in the “Land – Farming Small Areas” and published here with the kind permission of the Editor. About Bees

5. Bee Communication
Beekeepers know that exposing honey outdoors in the vicinity of hives soon attracts bees in ever increasing numbers, eager to lap up this easy source of food and take it back to the nest.

Bee communication

6. Bee Navigation
Ever wondered how bees find their way to that patch of clover and then unerringly wing their way back home? Bee navigation

7. Beeswax
Beeswax has been used by mankind since antiquity. Beeswax

8. Crisis Time for Honeybees
“The general concern in the community about disappearing bees is well justified. Indeed, it is world-? wide and most relevant in the northern hemisphere where dwindling bee populations are causing more pressing problems than we are experiencing here. And well might the community be concerned, for more than half the world’s major food crops depend on the European honeybee, Apis mellifera for pollination and the slogan “pollinate or perish” is not an idle one. It has been said, allegedly originally by Albert Einstein, that humankind would not survive more than a few years without the honeybee” Full article