Sugar Shaking

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WHAT IS SUGAR SHAKING? It’s a surveillance method to detect external parasites such as Varroa, Tropilaelaps mites and Braula fly. It is quick and simple – and does not kill the bees being sampled. The process of shaking bees in fine sugar dislodges the parasites’ so they can be collected and examined. To find out

Asian Honey Bee

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The Queensland Government Depart of Agriculture and Fisheries has a number of resources regarding Asian honey bee, including this manual of the Asian Honey Bee. This is a link to their page Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Figure 1 European honey bee (left), Asian honey bee (right) (photograph courtesy of Paul Zborowski)

Bee Biosecurity Video Series

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  This series of 12 videos covers a broad range of topics including honey bee biosecurity and surveillance programs, a hypothetical varroa incursion in Australia and what it might mean for beekeepers and crop producers, information about the life cycle of varroa and hive inspections, and ways in which varroa can be controlled if it