For beginners: remember the best beekeeping so far as bees are concerned is none at all – just leave them a hollow tree.
However, so we can take advantage of the bees considerable labour, there are many and varied approaches.

Just be aware that if you ask five beekeepers the same question, you may get six different answers, but the basics are much the same.

Its all part of beekeeping so enjoy….

Area Name Surname phone
Bolwarra / Maitland Robert Korff 4930 1400
Brandy Hill Simon White 0431 251491
East Maitland Andrew Hunt 0439 410645
Maitland Geoff Wightman 0407 700157
Medowie / Port Stephens John Crew 0429 049496
Stroud Paul Spiller 0424 985 190
West Lake Macquarie Iain Wright 0412 082 899
West Lake Macquarie Bob Gibbons 0418 661804