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Hi Everyone

After a long and unexpected break we are pleased to advise that our scheduled Club (HVABA) Meeting for Sunday 23rd August 2020 at 10am at Hexham Bowling Club can go ahead. Hexham Bowling is happy to have us meet in its Auditorium. Hexham Bowling Club is at 290 Old Maitland Road at Hexham.

We do hope you can join us. There will be an audio visual presentation on our Club’s proposed four year plan to relocate within the Botanic Gardens including a new ‘state-of-the-art’ honey extraction facility. The Board of the Botanic Gardens has approved ‘in principle’ our plan.


On Wednesday 11th August 2020 Hexham Bowling Club put on Facebook that:

“On Friday morning the Club and Bistro is under-going a deep clean by Bella services using a Fogger Machine. This is being proactive. We DO NOT HAVE ANY CASES this is to ensure the safety of our Staff and Patrons. This treatment combined with our other measures lasts for 28 days. After this period we will have the premises deep cleaned again.”


Hexham Bowling Club will be open on the 23rd August at 9.30am and access is via the side door. The Auditorium is upstairs and there is a lift.

With the Covid-19 restrictions we must be seated at all times and there is to be no mingling. The seats will be set out for us and we are requested not to alter the position of the seats.

We will be temperature checked on entry and we have been asked to maintain our social distance from each other and keep good hygiene.

Anyone who has been in Victoria or one of the many hotspots in Sydney is not allowed in Hexham Bowling Club.

Please note that not only can the Hexham Bowling Club be fined and closed down for any breach of the Covid-19 restrictions so can our Club (HVABA) be fined and you can personally be fined. So please adhere to these restrictions.

During these Covid-19 times there is a limit on the number of people who can be in the Auditorium and our Club is responsible for making sure we do not exceed this limit so could members intending to come to this Club meeting please RSVP to events@hvaba.org.au by 20th August 2020.

There is to be no live bees bought into Hexham Bowling Club.

For those members who wish to stay after the meeting the bistro will be open downstairs.

The Agenda for this Club meeting is attached together with the Minutes of our last Club Meeting and the Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 1st August.

If you have borrowed a library book could you please return the book at the Club meeting. We are required to put each book in a plastic bag for 24-48 hours and handle books wearing disposable gloves.


We look forward to seeing you again. We understand if you would prefer not to join during these Covid-19 times.