Jim Wright
Jim Wright
Jim became a beekeeper when he was around 12 years old and living with his parents on a farm south of Coffs Harbour. He had to leave his beekeeping when he started his training at Sydney University and became an eminent paediatric surgeon in the Hunter. However, the lovely ladies found him again when a swarm turned up in his garden in Newcastle when he was in his mid 30s.
On his retirement in 1995 his interest in backyard beekeeping became an enjoyable hobby which kept him entertained for many hours, and most likely out of his lovely wife and children’s hair! Although this did not stop him from suggesting that his wife partake in a study to see if bee stings would actually help with the arthritis in her knee, as some people where purporting it would. I do not know what her actual words were but I do know the study did not proceed.
Jim served tirelessly for 13 years as the Secretary of the HVABA and provided valuable assistance to the NSWABA, for which he was awarded life membership. He has continued to mentor and educate beekeepers and the general community through newspaper articles, books and teaching.
His knowledge, mentorship and friendship is appreciated immensely by many.
Colin Fitzsimons
Colin Fitzsimons
Colin has been a member of HVABA for many years, the longest serving active member. In his unassuming way he has been an anchor member, serving as president and vice-president and taking an active part in stalls at shows and field days.
His contribution as teacher of beginners and mentor for new members is unmatched. It is doubtful if the courses for beginners would have survived without him. In recent years he was organiser as well as principal instructor. He brought along his own hives and equipment to demonstrate and impart a wealth of personal experience.
Down at the hives on teaching days I would turn to see him surrounded by a cohort of beginners, bees all around them, in various stages of delving into a hive. As well as imparting knowledge it was obvious that he has an intuitive ability to instil the confidence necessary to work with bees. In the process of confirming Colin’s nomination for life membership at the Annual General Meeting members in the well filled room who had enjoyed and benefited from his hands-on teaching were asked to indicate. This produced a multitude of raised arms from all parts of the auditorium, all accompanied by beaming smiles and words of endorsement.
The cover picture of the book, The Amateur Beekeepers’ Association of NSW, is a visual portrayal of Colin’s role in Beginning in Bees hands-on teaching.
Our club is the richer for his membership. He is a great bloke, a good friend, an asset to our club.
Life membership is well deserved.