Honey (APIS) Bees 

Beekeepers need to manage their honey bees for winter otherwise they may die.  It is important to take measures in autumn to prepare for winter.

Before the onset of winter a final inspection should take place in April or the beginning of May at the latest.  Pick a sunny day.

The NSW DPI has put out a Fact Sheet on wintering honey bees which is specific to New South Wales – https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/331697/Wintering-bees.pdf

This Fact Sheet has details about the pre-winter inspection, queens and numerical strength, stores for winter, reducing the entrance of the hive, and location and siting of hives for winter.

Native Bees

The most important thing for native bees in hives is having a hive in the sun for part of the day and morning sun is best.

Now is not the time to collect honey or split your hive.  Honey pots and pollen provide insulation within the hive.

Thin walled hives and hives made from materials that do not insulate well need some extra protection.  A polystyrene jacket is desirable.